Funding boost to Perth’s smart technology

December 25, 2017 by  

Innovation in Smart City projects in Perth is being rewarded and supported with a $2.6 million grant from the Federal Government.

At the centre of the Western Australian capital city’s smart futures technology is community safety, environmental sustainability and data capture together with analytics.

The establishment in the city of an information environment is vital, according to CEO Martin Mileham, because it allows communities to get together and benefit from the use of innovative and advanced software applications and tools as well as data. Mileham stated:

“Our communications and data hub must be a digital environment, supported by analytics, where information can easily be shared with other local governments, start-ups, not for profits and businesses, thus leveraging data in providing enhanced services to the community.”

A key example is the Smart irrigation project, according to Deputy Lord Mayor Jemma Green.

She said the project will further improve environmental outcomes as well as assisting to develop a more sustainable future for the city’s precious water resources.

The new stadium in East Perth, which has become a major attraction on tourism brochure printing, will also be subject to Smart technology which will be able to measure the impact and manage risks within the local community.