Gen-Y entrepreneurs set to inspire Croydon peers

July 31, 2017 by  

Three young entrepreneurs who are fast-tracking their roads to success will be appearing as special guests at the Maroondah City Council’s 2017 Biz Week.

The networking event `Meet the Young Entrepreneurs’, to be held in Croydon, will provide an opportunity for people to hear and meet the young entrepreneurs who include Monstra Surf founder Cam Greenwood, Goldeluck Bakery owner Phillip Kuoch and Double Park Sidecar Coffee proprietor Jake Wilson.

According to a Council spokesman, all three business owners possess an unrelenting drive to both innovate and inspire others to come up with new ideas. He said:

“These inspiring young men have built their own empires – two of them running multiple businesses – with amazing results.”

The spokesman added that it is not the lure of big bucks that motivates them. Cam Greenwood, for example, is inspiring others to dream without fear, live passionately every second of the day and to live without limits.

Phillip Kuoch has turned his passion for baking into a successful business since taking over Croydon South’s Goldeluck’s Bakeshop two years ago.

Jake Wilson, 25, has come up with innovative ideas that have put him at the helm of several innovative businesses.

The spokesman urged everyone to grab their note pads and make the effort to attend the August 8 event, where they will learn about all three of the successful individuals, what makes each of them tick, each one’s road to success and what the future holds.