Gladesville may get upgrade after regeneration

May 29, 2018 by  

Fast development within Gladesville means that there is the potential for further improvements.

In recent times, Gladesville has been a victim of its own success in that congestion has become a major issue. The construction of numerous local apartments has added to the pressure on schools and roads. Some apartments are not being used at all because of the speed of the transformation. Brochure printing can be used to obtain positive outcomes in the property sector.

Lisa Hall is a resident of Gladesville, and has lived within Sydney for at least three decades, during which time she has been surprised by some of the local changes. Unfilled housing and speeding traffic do not impress her, and she told the Sydney Morning Herald:

“I'm for positive change but what's going to happen with all the traffic, the extra buses and [a] cutback on ferries? We've got a lot of work to do.”

Local plumber Paul Borton also has a few concerns about the current quality of the evolving suburb. He wants gradual change in Gladesville, and feels caution is needed in terms of what the council should do.

Dianna Edwards is employed in the property industry, and she has noticed how busy the place is. She is clear that the transport infrastructure must be updated to meet demand in the area.