Glasses raised to local brewers

June 7, 2018 by  

City Wine is hosting a festival that may please the residents of East Perth.

The City Wine event will showcase beer, cider, and wine. The presence of local brewers at the festival may attract people from East Perth, and business cards are useful for networking purposes at places where enterprises meet. Over 20 stalls are due to be put up.

Although wine has been made within the Swan Valley region for a long time, a variety of drinks are now manufactured within its boundaries. Craft cider and beer are taking off in the area.

The venue for the two days shall be the Perth Cultural Centre. People with tickets will be able to enjoy some live music. Tickets can be purchased on the door or via the internet, and children will not be charged for entry.

Food will be provided to keep everyone happy. It has been decided that the catering will involve the distribution of tapas-style morsels.

The bar for City Wine is going to feature some special drinks. It will be possible to sample a Sparkling Shiraz from Moojelup Farm or a Sparkling Pinot Noir from the Castelli Estate at the unique Sparkling Bar.

Cider fans may appreciate the tastes associated with Funk Cider House. The business uses French oak to age one of its special brews. Artificial preservatives are avoided by this brewery, which favours the use of real fruits.

The event takes place this weekend, June 8 and 9.