Good versus selfish in latest stage production

August 26, 2017 by  

Theatre lovers from Moorabbin and surrounding areas are being invited to the latest production being staged by the Mordialloc Theatre Company.

Equally Divided, written by playwright and author Ronald Harwood and directed by Cheryl Ballantine Richards, will take to the stage at the Shirley Burke Theatre in Parkdale in September.

Poster printing has already seen the production, to feature actors Elizabeth Garnsworthy, Wendy McRae, Rob Coulson and Peter Roberts, advertised throughout the City of Kingston.

A Mordialloc Theatre Company spokesman said the play’s author also penned The Dresser and Quartet and this latest play represents a domestically familiar storyline.

Elizabeth Garnsworthy’s character Edith, he said, likes to believe she is a truly good person.

“She was a dutiful daughter to her demanding mother, while selfish, younger sister Renata got all the attention (and all the husbands),” the spokesman explained.

“Now their mother has died, the estate is to be divided equally between the impecunious spinster Edith and her rich, much-married sister Renata.

“Edith looked after Ma for ages. Renata barely lifted one of her painted fingernails to help the old dear. But something tells her that Renata – glamorous, impossible, Renata – will always come out on top.”

The spokesman said the plot focuses on the question: “Will Edith find that honest, like beauty, is only skin deep?”

Equally Divided will be on stage at the Shirley Burke Theatre from September 1 to 16 including afternoon shows on September 3, 9 and 10.