Grants opportunity to boost work spaces for artists

February 15, 2017 by  

A new programme creating access to local work spaces for artists in Milperra, and throughout Western Sydney, has been launched by the New South Wales Government.

As part of the $400,000 Making Spaces programme, community organisations, businesses, property owners and artists are being urged to apply for grants to a maximum of $60,000 to activate artist work spaces.

According to Arts NSW Executive Director Michael Brealey, the initiative is aimed at assisting local artists to access new facilities within their own communities as well as to encourage partnerships towards the development of new spaces including offices, studios and pop-ups.

Brealey said the move comes after artists identified a huge need for spaces in which to create art work.

He said that armed with many creative skills, including graphic design, artists are often able to rethink old and new spaces and ways to transform them into attractive and innovative work zones.

The latest Western Sydney Making Spaces Initiative, he said, will allow new sites such as previously unused retail, community and local council spaces, to benefit from the creative invention, profile and energy of artists from within the area.

According to Brealey, the new programme not only provides support for artist-run, locally driven initiatives, but will also benefit Western Sydneys creative talents.

Applications for grants ranging from $10,000 to $60,000 will close on March 6.