Green Army’s hard work transforms popular riverside parkland

January 11, 2016 by  

One of the City of Liverpool’s greatest assets has received a substantial makeover thanks to a group of dedicated young workers.

The Georges River, its banks and surrounding land were the subject of a major cleanup and beautification effort by Council’s Green Army team.

The project began in July, and its recent completion was applauded by Mayor of Liverpool Ned Mannoun who said that the activity was an important part of Council’s ‘Building Our New City’ project initiatives.

He added that the Georges River, which has featured on tourism postcards and brochures for many years, has been an important part of the area’s history since early settlement days, and its beautification and upkeep was of vital importance to current and future generations.

The team that helped to transform the riverside included eight young people who, according to the Mayor, not only worked hard on the project but also learned a great deal about vegetation management. This included identifying noxious weeds and destroying them, planting, mulching and looking after native plant species.

He said the final outcome was a fresh, new look debris-free river accompanied by a local parklands where weeds had been cleared and native species planted to ensure there is plenty of shelter for reptiles and local birds in the parks.

The main area targeted was the riverside locations of Helles Park and Light Horse Park, where a cycleway and pedestrian access are planned as a link to the city.