Hang up on 2G phone network, mobile users told

November 27, 2016 by  

Welshpool businesses and residents are being urged to ditch 2G mobile phones in favour of the more recent 3G and 4G models in light of the pending closure of Telstra’s old 2G network.

Telstra’s Boyd Brown said changing over to the newer technology would enable users to avoid any service disruptions during the transition.

He said the 2G network featured prominently on sales brochures of the time, had been a leading mobile network for people in Western Australia for two decades.

When introduced, he said, it was a real novelty as it gave people an opportunity to make a call while on the run.

He said the network’s usage today has dropped significantly to lower than 1 per cent of the network’s total traffic.

December 1 has been circled on WA calendars for the closure of the 2G network, which Mr. Brown said would also mark the end of an era in Australia’s telecommunications history.

He added, the move makes way for much better coverage and faster data speeds from the 3G and 4G technology.

Mr. Brown said Telstra are keen to assist as many 2G customers as possible to make the transition in a smooth and hassle-free manner.

He said buying a phone or a new SIM card was all that was required to make the switch.

Telstra customers are urged to contact their local outlet to find out more about their options.