Harmer humour on show at Smarter Living workshop

April 16, 2018 by  

Residents from Box Hill South and throughout the City of Whitehorse who are looking to be truly entertained are being urged to attend a special presentation by Australian author and comedian Wendy Harmer.

The popular entertainer and broadcaster is set to be a guest presenter at the next Smarter Living workshop being run by Whitehorse Council.

Often seen on brochure printing used to advertise major comedy festivals, Harmer will this time be taking a more down-to-earth role and concentrating on a discussion about why people so easily accumulate `stuff’ and the reasons why they make certain choices. as well as explaining why someone else’s `stuff’ holds so much more significance than her own `junk’.

City of Whitehorse Councillor Denise Massoud said Harmer’s participation in the workshop is one of many similar events held throughout the year.

Topics are chosen, she said, to assist people within the community to enjoy a more waste-free, thrifty and sustainable lifestyle focused on the garden and home. Cr. Massoud said:

“This entertaining workshop will help people come to grips with the amount of stuff we have in our lives and take a fresh look at our needs and wants.

“Wendy will discuss decluttering, spending less and making thoughtful decisions about the objects and merchandise we let into our lives.”

Harmer wrote and produced a four-part documentary on the topic of `Stuff’ and was also a presenter recently on the series `War on Waste’.

Her presentation will be held on April 27.