Heathmont hopes for better transport

May 1, 2018 by  

The suburb of Heathmont could benefit if the transport network of Melbourne is upgraded.

Infrastructure Victoria has warned that Melbourne could suffer from more congestion if action is not taken. Roads and trains may become more overcrowded, according to a recent report. Suburbs like Heathmont may be boosted by schemes like the Melbourne Metro Tunnel (MMT), with $11bn allocated its construction.

Michel Masson is the chief executive at Infrastructure Victoria. Masson is keen to roll out off-peak deals on buses, trains and trams. Thousands of people could adjust their travelling habits with those incentives. Masson is enthusiastic about the potential of flexible working initiatives, and told The Age:

“We know there are many people who don’t have a lot of flexibility about how and when they travel. I call on my fellow CEOs and ask, do your workers really need to be at work from 9am to 5pm, when they can have alternatives?”

Unfortunately, the MMT will not be finished prior to 2025, and it has been predicted that the trains will not be running at full capacity until five years after the completion of the tunnel.

Roberto Evangelio worked on the data behind the report, and said that the transport network was stretched because of population growth. Cycling and walking should be encouraged, but clearly other efforts will be needed going forward, he concluded.