Hellenic Lyceum coming to Alexandria

April 8, 2013 by  

Sydney Council has passed a motion to investigate a suitable location for exhibition of the Hellenic Lyceum historic artefacts, costumes and jewellery.

The announcement, timed to coincide with Greek Independence Day, was met with delight by Greek Australians. According to councillor Angela Vithoulkas:

“Greek Australians are one of the largest and oldest migrant groups in the country. Hellenic culture has significantly shaped and contributed to the City of Sydney since the 1850s.”

The Hellenic Lyceum collection has involved generations of immigrant Greek women preserving their heritage since 1951. There are five Hellenic museums in Victoria, which has traditionally boasted a larger Greek population than New South Wales . The Alexandria Town Hall is the preferred short term option to display the artefacts in Sydney while the council searches for long term preservation and accommodation.

The Sydney Council meeting discussing the proposal was attended by a delegation from the Lyceum. The group included girls in traditional Greek attire. The decision is another progressive step toward consolidating a multicultural Australia.

The Sydney Hellenic Lyceum is closely affiliated with the Athens branch; itself a member of the larger international association based in Geneva. The purpose of the Lyceum is to preserve Greek customs and revitalise traditions.

The original Lyceum in Sydney was instrumental in assisting post war Greek immigrants at home or in hospitals, where they could communicate in their mother tongue. Today, the Lyceum is also focused on reaching out to Australian born Greeks.

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