Help for small businesses offered in Glen Eira

April 23, 2013 by  

Small business owners looking to boost their business or kick-start a new chapter in their marketing will find plenty of ideas during next month’s Small Business Month series of events.

The events organised by

the Glen Eira City Council will cover various aspects of running and marketing a small business. Competition in the small and medium enterprise sector is always fierce so anything owners can do to make sure they stand out from the crowd can help and the Small Business Month aims to offer fresh ideas for businesses in every sector.

The series of talks will begin on Thursday May 2nd, with a dinner seminar discussing entrepreneurship. Other talks will cover online marketing, how to review a business and approach it with a fresh look, and how to position a brand for increased sales.

Many of the events take place at Glen Eira Town Hall on the corner of Hawthorn and Glen Eira Roads, making them convenient for businessmen and women from Caulfield. Several include light refreshments while dinner will be served at two of the events.

Each workshop will not only be a chance to learn new ideas, but also an opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs from across the district; potentially building some profitable new relationships. Good business card printing is key to presenting a professional image when making new contacts. People planning to attend the events should make sure their business card orders are up to date.

To book a place at any of the events contact the council’s service centre.