High-tech amenities destined for Geelong

December 3, 2017 by  

In a new Federal Government initiative, Geelong will soon be home to a range of high-tech amenities, including “smart street furniture” that features high-speed Wi-Fi.

The Smart Techology Project, funding for which has just been announced by Cities and Digital Transformation’s Angus Taylor, will also bring sensors indicating where parking is available, and street lights that can be brightened in an effort to deter criminals.

Taylor said the innovations will be part of Geelong’s transformation from what has long been a traditional manufacturing city representing some of the country’s most recognised logo designs into “a more diverse digital economy”.

He said that as part of the project, private operators and the Federal Government will join with Geelong Council to introduce the upgrades, with electric car charging points and digital signage among the technologies to be introduced with a view to making life more convenient and limiting antisocial behavior.

Taylor said the programme’s aim is to acknowledge clever ideas initiated to fix local issues such as lack of connectivity and street crime and be able to replicate these ideas elsewhere, particularly in neighbouring suburbs.

Sarah Henderson, Federal MP for Corangamite, said an important aspect of the initiative is its ability to collect real-time data about what is happening in the city, which will assist local planners now and into the future.