Hornsby childcare centres set for change

July 22, 2015 by  

Several centres set up to look after children will be taken over by new owners after the council decided to accept tenders for its childcare services.

Hornsby Council has decided to stop running childcare services centrally and hand three of its centres over to private companies.

The fourth, in Asquith, is currently set to be closed at the end of the year and has been put up for sale.

Councillor Nathan Tilbury who put forward the proposal told the Northern District Times that the council often received applications from private providers to run the pre-schools, and that the council’s focus could be better used elsewhere. Tilbury also said the council had carefully looked at the providers wanting to take over and he was confident that standards would not drop as a result of the privatisation.

Hornsby Nursery and Pre-school will be taken over by Heritage House Childcare which already runs a number of other centres around the Hornsby shire.

While it is unlikely that many changes occur as a result of the handover, the new owners could ask a local printing company to prepare information leaflets or flyers for parents to ensure they are aware of any routine changes and to introduce any new staff.

The council voted to accept the tenders at a council meeting earlier this month and is likely to hand over ownership by the end of the year.