HP Launches Printing Experience Centre in Perth

June 10, 2011 by  

Global printing giant, HP, has expanded its printing experience centres in Australia, launching a new centre in Perth, joining existing sites in Melbourne and Sydney. The printing solutions centre allows business customers to see, touch and feel HP’s printing services including mobile printing, workflow and control solutions.

Cloud computing solutions have enabled many business people to remain connected with the office when travelling or out of hours but the ability to print away from the office has been problematic. Mobile printing solutions like HP’s ePrint Enterprise Solution are joining the cloud revolution by allowing users to send documents from their smartphones or other internet enabled devices to networked printers enabling on-the-road workers to have completed print jobs waiting for them on return to the office.

As well as enabling employees to send print jobs to home offices, mobile printing solutions allow small businesses to upload documents, stationery, catalogs, posters, flyers and brochures to a print company hundreds or thousands of kilometres away. Mobile printing solutions mean that a Welshpool based consultant working on a contract in the Kimberleys can ensure that marketing material remains up to date and printed through a local printing company.

For larger businesses, printing workflow and control solutions assist in removing inefficiencies and wastage in printing. Implementing printing workflow and control solutions enable larger businesses to decrease the mountains of unclaimed print jobs that sit beside printers thereby reducing paper, ink and running costs as well as improving office sustainability.

At the HP Experience Centre in Perth, visitors can experiment with mobile printing, workflow and control solutions and determine appropriate business systems for 21st Century operations.