Infrastructure spend for 2017/18 to reach almost $80m

July 15, 2017 by  

Broadmeadows soccer clubs are among 15 submissions for upgrades made to Hume Council in June for consideration in its draft budget.

Hume United and Broadmeadows Stars are seeking home ground improvements. Based at Coolaroo’s Progress Reserve, The Stars have been seeking better light for the past decade. According to Cemil Yildiz, club secretary, an upgrade of the outdated club rooms was also needed. He explained:

“Throughout this period, we have seen many players come and go and the majority have left due to the fact that our club is lacking in facilities. They have gone to a club with newer or cleaner facilities.”

He said membership has dropped from 300 to 100.

A lighting upgrade at Dallas’s Laura Douglas Reserve to allow night matches to be played has been requested by Hume United. Hume local Helen Hatzikalis also submitted a request for assistance to start the Hume Community Orchestra.

Hatzikalis, who as the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s Pizzicato Effect Programme co-ordinator also provides free music lessons for Hume schoolchildren, would like council to assist in advertising the orchestra on flyers and other means, as well as appoint a patron, board and conductor.

In addition, the submission seeks weekly rehearsals to be held at the Broadmeadows Town Hall following its refurbishment.

A capital works expenditure of almost $80m has since been adopted by Council for the building and upgrading roads, reserves, community centres and parks.