Infrastructure upgrades could boost Milton

April 30, 2018 by  

The economy of Milton may receive a lift if the transport system of Brisbane is upgraded soon.

The cross-river rail initiative and the metro project should come together. This should be positive for the fortunes of central places like Milton. Demand for printing services can rise when people have great transport options.

Trevor Evans, a Brisbane MP, told the Guardian:

“I want to see both projects developed in a collaborative and cooperative way because of the huge benefits for Brisbane, but both projects should proceed on their own timelines and on their own merits.”

Evans is completely supportive of the metro policy, but he would like cross-river rail backers to outline their business case in a sharper way than they have managed so far. He is keen to remove politics from decision-making about transport infrastructure, and is behind a stance adopted by Infrastructure Australia, which has listed the metro project as a national priority. A petition in relation to resources for the metro has been established.

The government of Queensland is eager to make progress with the cross-river rail proposal, and it has been suggested that a valid business case for the plan has been articulated. The view of the state government is that without the cross-river solution, the rail network will be poorly equipped to cope with future growth. The initiative may get the green light without federal resources being spent.