Initiative introduced to help curb bullying in schools

March 29, 2014 by  

Growing concern over the incidence of bullying in schools has sparked the introduction of a new mobile phone service to help those in need.

The service will be available to primary and secondary schools throughout New South Wales , including Penrith, but its use will be optional.

President of the NSW Secondary Principal’s Council Lila Mularczyk said the decision on whether to use the service would lie with each school and it was expected that not everyone would be in favour of the resource.

The anti-bullying tool TipTXT is in the form of a two-way texting concept between school officials and children affected. Students would be able to use the service to seek help with mental health problems, unsafe behaviour, and situations in which bullying is taking place during school hours.

The system would allow school staff to act on each case individually and provide help and resources.

Tip TXT was released by education technology specialists Blackboard Inc. to coincide with the action against violence and bullying day, which is held nationally.

According to government research, the estimated number of students in Australia bullied or harassed on a daily basis is as many as one in four.

Many high profile campaigns have been launched and public awareness boosted via flyer printing drops into letterboxes to homes around the nation in an effort to curb the incidences of bullying in schools.