Innovative social media college leads the way

November 28, 2017 by  

A Northern Beaches business is leading the way by offering the accredited diplomas in the ever-growing area of social media.

The only one in the world to offer social media marketing diplomas, the Social Media College was founded by Daniele Tanner and her husband Jonathon from Queenscliff, near Brookvale.

The college offers twelve-month diplomas together with nine-month campus and online courses to colleges and universities in social media.

According to Tanner, the business trains college and university teachers, equipping them to deliver these courses to all their students. She says:

“Our diploma empowers our educational partners to deliver excellent programmes in social media.”

The business cards of partners reveal an impressive list that includes Southern Cross University, Upskilled, Access: UTS and OpenColleges.

Major social media sites including Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook, along with Snapchat and WhatsApp, are among areas covered in the course.

Tanner said strategies learned by students assist them with tea management, and also provide specialist teaching and advice on how to make progress when using the online format for a given field. She explains:

“If they are passionate about cars or fashion, they learn how to establish themselves as an expert in that field.”

Prior to establishing the business, Tanner gained great experience in the field of advertising and media. Social Media College was established when she recognised a need for up-to-date social media courses within the market.