Innovative travel app creators excel in challenge

August 16, 2017 by  

Smartphone apps, Joinwheels and Freewheeler, which encourage a change in the way people travel throughout metropolitan Melbourne, have won the Resilient Melbourne Citymart Challenge.

The City of Melbourne Resilient initiative reached out to problem solvers around the world via their marketing services, inviting them to come up with an app that could help ease transport congestion in the busy Victorian capital, while also boosting positive social interactions.

The response from international companies, startups and private individuals totalled at 109.

The success of Joinwheels and Freewheeler will see them offered support, contacts and expertise to help develop their ideas furthers.

According to Cr. Nicholas Frances Gilley, Transport Portfolio Chair, both app solutions reflected the aim of the exercise.

“Commuting by car has been shown to not only compound the problems of congestion and pollution in Melbourne but also to be quite isolating, with people spending hours on their own stuck in traffic,” he said.

“Both of these apps encourage people to think about travel differently, either by making it easier for colleagues and friends to carpool or providing material rewards for those who leave the car at home and try another mode of transport instead.”

The global challenge was make possible through the partnership of New York’s Citymart and the City of Melbourne’s Smart City Office.

Cr. Gilley said Resilient Melbourne was developed as a collaborative project that includes 32 of Melbourne’s metropolitan council, as well as support and guidance from local community groups and organisations.