Interpack innovations holds dinner in Box Hill South

June 15, 2017 by  

The packaging industry has staged an innovations dinner in Box Hill Golf Course.

The event was put together by the Australian Packaging and Processing Machinery Association (APPMA) and the Australian Institute of Packaging. Business cards are always useful on such occasions. The theme of the dinner was innovations which had been discussed at a recent trade fair.

The dinner was attended by a wide range of panellists. These panellists included several managers in the sector. The likes of Lindy Hughson, Jason Goode, Jasson Mills and Michael Dossor were invited. Ms Hughson is a publisher for Yaffa Media, while Mr Goode is an improvement executive at Simplot Australia. Meanwhile, Mr Dossor is a general manager for the Result Group of Companies and Mr Mills works for Amcor Flexibles Asia Pacific in the sphere of research and development.

The Interpack trade fair attracted over 2500 exhibitors. The individuals presenting their ideas came from around the globe. In excess of 60 countries were represented on the day. A considerable number of technological visions and fresh concepts were shared at the trade fair.

Innovations discussed by the delegates came in various areas of activity. For instance, fresh materials, new tools and modern services related to the sector all featured in the conversations that took place during the course of the trade fair.