Jessica Clarke-Nash Exhibits Poster Sized Photographs in Artarmon

June 17, 2011 by  

North Sydney filmmaker and photographer Jessica Clarke-Nash exhibited some of her photographs at the Not Bread Alone restaurant in Artarmon, Australia for one night only in May. Hugh Sheridan, the actor from the TV show Packed to the Rafters opened the exhibit for Clarke-Nash on May 25. Tickets for the exhibition were $30 and included food and drink.

The money raised will be donated to The David Sheldrick Trust in Kenya and St. Jude's School in Tanzania. Clarke-Nash is a cinematographer and film stills photographer. She has done work on some high profile movies like Disgrace with John Malkovich and Wolverine with Hugh Jackman.

The exhibition featured Clarke-Nash's industrial art and humanitarian photography, which included tribal images of Kenya’s Masai people. Jessica has links to Kenya that go back to her childhood, and she travels often to the country to visit her adopted grandfather who is a retired United Nations doctor.

It is in Kenya where Jessica has taken many of her wildlife photographs, some of which were displayed in large poster printing editions at the exhibit. She has faced some harrowing experiences in order to get many of the photos, including being guarded by Masai warriors in order to photograph African lions, and contracting a deadly African tick illness that had her flown back to Sydney for treatment.

It took some time for her to regain strength to return to work following this experience, but she's once again taking on her regular work of commercials and short films. She also envisages returning soon to work on a large-scale movie project. Jessica was originally inspired to get into the world of filmmaking after she engaged in unpaid work in a range of film assignments for 18 months for the Australian Film and Television School.