Job applications proving tough on Australia's Sunshine Coast

June 26, 2011 by  

Lachlann Renolds is just one example of the jobs crisis in Australia's Sunshine Coast. According to the Sunshine Coast Daily, the 19 year old has put in scores of job applications, involved himself in many job trials and he even did stationery printing to stick posters on shop windows from Coolum to Mooloolaba, but he has yet to obtain work.

His story is unfortunately similar to hundreds of others who have been the victims of recent staff cutbacks, and are running out of time to find suitable work. In the meanwhile, Renolds has been getting quick cash from washing cars, and receiving help from friends, but he's quickly running short on money to pay for basics like food, rent and fuel. Despite two years of warehouse experience and the eagerness to work at any time of the day or night, he is shocked at how difficult it is to secure work. He has recently finished a traffic control course, hoping that the new qualification will increase his job opportunities.

While the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics reports show that the Sunshine Coast's unemployment rate was 5.2% in April, this may be underestimating the extent of the problem. When the owner of a local clinic receives over 400 job applications for just one receptionist position, with many of the candidates overqualified, it's indicative of a serious problem in the labour market. The owner of the Maroochydore Falls of Sound clinic, audiologist Katia Peeters, said she was “shocked” when she collected so many applications. Recruitment agencies agree it is a distressing indication of the difficulties faced by many job hopefuls today.