Leaders of City of Canning plans economic growth

March 4, 2018 by  

With the hope of moving some of the State Government’s attention away from the north of the city, the heads of local governments of Perth’s south-east are working together to ask for support in increasing future investments and infrastructure in their areas of governance.

With a common goal, the chief executives from the city of Canning have joined other leaders from the cities of Gosnells, Armadale, and the Town of Victoria Park to discuss options and to come up with a prospectus aimed at promoting the economic growth of the region.

According to the chief executive of the City of Canning, Arthur Kyron, the leaders have teamed up to form the South East Corridor CEO Alliance. The group aims to direct more funds from the State Government into the corridor for improving transport planning and infrastructure, thus creating a better environment to attract investors and allow businesses to flourish.

The South East corridor is a powerhouse in Western Australia, currently contributing $21bn to the state’s economy per year. In 2015-2016, the corridor also had around $1.2bn worth of building approvals.

The City of Canning council is also interested in an overseas trade mission to relocate international food businesses all the way from Asia to Welshpool or Canning Vale. Residents from these areas may soon be able to enjoy a variety of tasty international food available in their neighbourhoods. Food retailers often carry out banner printing and display as a means of promoting new food outlets, so residents in the area will no doubt find out when an exciting new store is coming to them.