Learning exercise revealed top young artists

August 28, 2017 by  

Recyclable materials are being used by children attending the Early Childcare Centre at Curtin University to assist in understanding more about complex subjects such as identity and hypotheticals.

Recently, the John Curtin Gallery hosted the university’s Emergence exhibition, which displayed the creations of young children from throughout the City of Canning, including Canning Vale.

To take part each child needed to learn about the environment, themselves and develop a set of key skills like focus, fine motor skills and maths, according to CEUCC Art Specialist Sibylla Hogg.

“The children have produced some of the most incredibly sophisticated artworks, working with a dedicated teacher to develop their own creativity, style and artistic talents,”

said Miss Hogg.

She said one of the children, who just turned four years old, was given the task of creating dolls clothing using recycled or natural materials such as note pads and posters.

She wrapped the doll in paperbark, its feet with small leather shoes and put fur on the head which is a construction that required the child to undertake several educational challenges to put together, according to Miss Hogg.

“The work introduced the hypothetical – children had to think about what the weather was like now and how their dolls would dress,”

Miss Hogg said.

Another piece featured the use of poster tubes to make a tree which, she said, taught the child about patterns.