Legal aid could help Liverpool’s veterans

March 27, 2018 by  

Legal Aid NSW has announced that it has the authority to provide advice to veterans near Liverpool.

A clinic will be held on a fortnightly basis. Printing services may be used to promote service like this to communities in the area.

Holsworthy, which is not far from Liverpool, is a place which has many connections to the military. Dani Pontes, a lawyer, explained the logic behind the local offer:

“Ensuring veterans have access to the compensation they are entitled to is one small way the community can recognise their service. The service is open to veterans who served at home, in peacekeeping forces, or in armed conflict at any time, whatever their age. No veteran is too young to benefit from our help.”

Esther Rice is a senior advocate who has encountered many veterans who are oblivious to what they can obtain in terms of benefits. Some of these individuals have suffered from severe injuries as a result of their commitment. Rice appreciates that these people have stood up for their country.

An anonymous client, a former naval seaman, has commented on his own experience. As a consequence of his service, he damaged a leg and acquired lung disease. Without the compensation, he believes his family might not have got the security they deserved, although he commented that the system is complex for ordinary people to understand.