Lessons on bees set to bring toddlers closer to nature

December 18, 2017 by  

Tiny tots from across the Northern Beaches will be able to build a love and appreciation for bees and the environment through a new educational programme just released.

Brookvale Children’s Centre Early Childhood Educator Zivana Spittles said bees helped to inspire her to design the new programme `Life Cycle of the Bee’, which is currently being incorporated into the educational agenda of the area’s Child Care centres.

Michael Regan, Northern Beaches Mayor, applauded the insight of the Council staff member and said the programme illustrated the commitment and dedication to education by Spittles and her colleagues, and that it has become a “focus of teaching” in that it encourages environmental and practical skills.

He said the programme delivered on many levels, including the important role of staff as educators and also as sustainability mentors.

Children taking part in the Life Cycle of the Bee, he added, will be able to explore through their senses, smelling, and touching beeswax and flowers, as well as tasting honeycomb prior to creating reusable wraps made of beeswax, which are handy alternatives to plastic products such as cling wrap.

The popular flying insect, which has often been featured on promotional products and in books, first attracted the attention of Spittles as an educational programme idea when she found beeswax together with cotton fabric in a cupboard.