Libraries to help patrons become eSmart

February 26, 2017 by  

Library services in City of Stonnington have been stepped up to ensure all patrons are eSmart and can use technology safely and in a smart and responsible way.

The eSmart Library Service, described as among the nation’s most significant of community-based cyber-safety programmes ever embarked on, is now available at all four local libraries: Prahran, South Yarra, Malvern, and East Malvern.

Mayor Jami Klisaris said up to 60% of Australia’s public libraries are currently taking part in the programme, which is set to benefit all who use computers for everything from storage of information to digital printing.

The term `eSmart’, he explained, means library staff have been trained to support users in the identification of privacy and security risks online, as well as to access information in an ethical and legal manner and how to ensure relationships and interactions in cyberspace are of benefit to everyone involved.

Mayor Klisaris said cyber safety needs to be taken seriously and this is something that is a focus of our staff training and online classes offered to the public.

He said online scams and fraud are rife and the eSmart programme will allow staff to support library patrons and, importantly, help them to identify scams.

The $8m joint initiative between the Australian library network and the Telstra Foundation, will be celebrated at each of the local libraries during 2017 through a number of technology education classes, held as part of Stonnington Libraries’ Get Connected series.