Live music venue coming to Fortitude Valley

August 2, 2018 by  

The Fortitude Hall project, when complete, should enable more live music shows within Fortitude Valley.

The building work has begun already. The site of the future music venue in Fortitude Valley is located on Brunswick Street.

Scott Hutchinson is investing heavily to make the vision into a reality. Hutchinson explained his motivation to ABC Radio Brisbane:

“It will be in The Valley, not in the middle of the city, and it's not a good business decision at all, it's a labour of love.”

Hutchinson has chosen to spend over $40m on the project, although the new building is expected to have an approximate market value of $25m. As a patron of local music development, Hutchinson wants the best for the industry in Queensland, and his people hope is that Iggy Pop might grace the hall one day.

Considerable progress has been achieved already. Work on a roof has been undertaken, while the position of the stage has been selected.

BigSound is one of Australia’s major music conferences, taking place in Brisbane on an annual basis. Fortitude Valley contains an abundance of minor music venues, but the Festival Hall was demolished over a decade ago. The new venture might help to address a perceived gap in the facilities in the area, and flyer printing can be used to promote the events new venues host.