Liverpool Hospital secures state-of-the-art precinct

July 4, 2018 by  

Liverpool Hospital will feature an innovative project at a cost of about $740 million.

Following on from the recent budget, Liverpool Hospital will use an injection of resources to develop an area for education, healthcare delivery and research. The project is justified by the increase in the population near Liverpool. The $740 million initiative should be completed by 2026. Brad Hazzard is the current health minister. Mr Hazzard stated:

“This major redevelopment will see an expansion of Liverpool Hospital’s emergency department, neonatal intensive care, maternity and critical care capacity, as well as day surgery and radiology capacity.”

The Randwick precinct seems to have benefited from the budget of last year. This time around, Liverpool Hospital should win out from its status as a research hub. The institution should be in a positive position to cope with increased demand for its services. Outpatient care, cancer treatment and diagnostic efforts should all be enhanced by the additional funding. Printing services can be useful in the healthcare sector when it comes to communicating new features such as these.

Dr Kean-Seng Lim is the serving president of the New South Wales section of the Australian Medical Association (AMA). Dr Lim approves of the resources being put into the health service. However, this short-term intervention might not be all that is required. According to Dr Lim, it may be prudent to control the demand for healthcare via the integration of services.