Liverpool leads way in energy efficiency

September 22, 2015 by  

Liverpool, New South Wales residents are set to benefit from the latest initiative of Liverpool City Council targeting inefficient street lighting.

In conjunction with the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Council’s (WSROC) Light Years Ahead project, the Council plans to replace old streetlights across its full complement of 23 suburbs a move, which is expected to reap savings of in excess of $5 million and reduce carbon emissions by 19,640 tonnes.

Mayor of Liverpool Ned Mannoun said the city was among nine other councils in Western Sydney to join forces in an effort to reduce consumption and energy costs by replacing inefficient and old streetlights.

As part of the initiative more economical and sustainable energy efficient LED lights will replace Mercury vapour lights.

Mayor Mannoun said over 3,700 lights or 23 per cent of the city’s lights would be replaced across 23 suburbs including Liverpool, Busby and Miller representing an estimated saving of $5.8 million.

He said 50 per cent of Council’s energy costs were attributed to public lighting and savings from the Light Years Ahead project would allow funds to be redirected to other vital services, infrastructure and projects.

Energy saving initiatives such as these have been strongly advocated in the media and other printing services in recent years and the Mayor said this latest project was not only addressing the need for a reduction in the consumption of energy but also in the country’s carbon footprint.