Liverpool makes tracks with transport

December 7, 2015 by  

An underground rail link has been proposed to service future transport needs within the City of Liverpool, New South Wales .

Mayor of Liverpool Ned Mannoun praised the plan, saying it would put the area on track for a better future.

According to a recent State Government announcement, any South West Rail Link extensions would be run underground.

While building of the new rail link was expected to be a number of years away, the government plans to run the rail link underground between Oran Park and Harrington Grove incorporating stops at North Bringelly, Bringelly and Rossmore, he said.

Mayor Mannoun said advanced planning for the introduction of the new service provided a blank canvas from the start on which to build.

He said forward planning for major transport upgrades including the rail link, would contribute to making the area one of the most appealing in which to live and would be something residents could follow closely via releases to the media and in newsletter printing.

The Mayor said a number of locations currently considered on the outskirts of Liverpool, such as Bringelly and Rossmore, were destined to be hubs of the future due to their close proximity to the new Badgerys Creek international airport. He said the area would be one of growth and development over the next 30 years, when resident numbers were expected to grow by 300,000.