Liverpool resident triumphs at beauty pageant

May 3, 2018 by  

Destiny Lyons, who lives in Liverpool, secured a prize at a recent Brisbane beauty pageant. She now has the junior title of Miss Diamond Australia.

Last year, Miss Lyons was a runner-up in the event. Business cards can include references to personal achievements. She has apparently gained confidence from participation in beauty pageants. The Liverpool resident comes from a mixed cultural background, with Ethiopian roots.

According to her mother, bullying had dented the self-esteem of the youngster. Kim Lyons told the Liverpool Champion:

“Destiny first entered the pageant last year because she had low self-confidence. She was bullied and the pageant helped her deal with that. The pageant stands up against bullying and as part of the pageant the contestants wrote down some of the things bullies had said, then they went up to the stage and ripped up the pieces of paper.”

Kim is clear that the Miss Diamond Australia pageant has little in common with its American counterparts, and thinks that empowerment is of high importance. For her, boosting self-love is a particularly positive thing, and Kim indicated that her daughter did not have to put on any makeup to win her accolade.

Miss Lyons raised money for the Tourette’s Syndrome Association of Australia, which has a personal resonance for her as she is affected by syndrome.