Local students win competition with impressive robot

August 16, 2012 by  

Australia’s ‘FIRST Robotics Championships’ took place in Sydney this summer and was won by a group of local students. This is a major and highly competitive event in the world of robotics but it was a group of students from Moorabbin, Sandringham, Bentleigh, Stonnington, Brighton, and Caulfield that were victorious.

The group of youngsters worked alongside mentors within the robotics industry and university experts to develop a robot capable of playing basketball to a high standard, which wowed those involved with the event. The competition featured a selection of stages including robots playing against each other in games.

This was a challenging task for all those involved. Teams were provided with a basic kit which enabled them to create a robot chassis but they were required to do all of the development of the robots themselves.

Milorad Cerovac is a teacher and believes entering the competition was incredibly important for the students and their educational development. He said:

“It really challenged the students to think like engineers.”

His comments reflect just how difficult this task actually was but these local children rose to the challenge and were awarded appropriately.

Competitions like this often advertise in a range of different ways, such as using poster printing and banner printing to get others interested and involved. Cerovac hopes that local students winning this award will bring this competition and others like it to the attention of other students in the area and get them interested in engineering and the sciences.