Logan City Council installs fishway in Slacks Creek

August 4, 2017 by  

The Slacks Creek Catchment Recovery Project is encouraging local fish – such as Australian bass – to move freely within the Logan River tributary running beneath Paradise Road.

In its original condition, the tunnel beneath Paradise Road was unable to be used by local fish, which struggle to navigate man-made barriers like weirs and culverts. However, Logan City Council, with the help of Catchment Solutions, has upgraded the tunnel into a fishway, which enables fish to once again move freely in their old habitat.

The fishway has been constructed from rock and concrete cones, and allows fish to travel shorter distances without having to overcome unnatural obstacles. This also means other fish in the food chain can breed, thus sustaining the larger fish population.

Logan Councillor Steve Swenson, whose division is in charge of the upgrade, is enthusiastic about the project, which was funded by the Council’s Environmental Levy as well as by Federal Government.

Swenson said on the Logan City Council website:

“A healthy fish population means a healthy creek so this is a big leap forward in its recovery.”

Mayor Luke Smith hopes that the upgrade of Slacks Creek will encourage the public to enjoy utilising the river area again. Locals will hope that this picturesque spot could soon be the subject of calendars and postcard printing, or advertising flyers to popularise the area as a local nature attraction.