Manufacturers lease space near Dandenong

May 16, 2017 by  

Marshall Lethlean and CIMC Vehicle Australia have hired space near Dandenong South.

The two manufacturers will use premises in the industrial precinct Cranbourne West. The space is situated on the Western Port Highway. The companies make transport equipment and could consult with printing services in Dandenong to address any marketing needs.

David Aiello of CBRE was involved in the negotiation of a prelease agreement, and told The Australian:

“To date, most developments in the precinct have involved industrial land subdivisions targeted at small owner-occupiers and local developers. CIMC and Marshall Lethlean’s commitment highlights the area’s appeal to larger users who recognise that Western Port Highway is positioned to one day become one of the main industrial arterials in Melbourne’s southeast.”

The five-hectare space is the property of Chadwick Investments. This private developer owns a facility on the land. Chris Chadwick, who heads Chadwick Investments, stressed that the tenants are focused on manufacturing. He explained that he has an enthusiasm for the long-term prospects of the project.

Marshall Lethlean and CIMC Vehicle Australia are subsidiaries of the CIMC Group, which may help them in any future joint working. Both organisations currently have the capacity to expand due to the nature of the Cranbourne West site. The prelease arrangement has been set up for 12 years, and it has been revealed that net rent will exceed $1m per annum.