Maroochydore could gain from extra flights

March 28, 2018 by  

The president of Maroochydore’s Chamber of Commerce wants an expansion of aviation.

Chamber President Kris McCue thinks that getting more flights to and from the Sunshine Coast would have a positive economic impact. The tourist sector might benefit a lot, but other businesses could enjoy bigger profits too. Printing services can get a boost from local economic development.

The Maroochydore Chamber of Commerce is right behind the growth plans of the Sunshine Coast Airport (SCA). Chamber members have expressed their wish for a connection with Cairns.

Peter Pallot is the general manager at the SCA, and pointed out that impressive passenger numbers at the SCA are likely to have a big impact going forward. Lobbying for more direct flights to northern cities is likely to get significantly easier, and international flights to the likes of Hong Kong might also become a reality. This development would facilitate the export of perishable items to Asian markets. Pallot told the Sunshine Coast Daily:

“To say there is significant interest in the Sunshine Coast at the moment is an understatement.”

Pallot explained that if the SCA manages to attract more flights, this could have an influence on the prices charged by the airlines. He indicated that the schedule of the SCA is a work in progress, with the arrangement of extra flights to New Zealand remaining a priority.