Melbourne prepares for eSports showdown

August 5, 2018 by  

Logos of TEG Live and ESL – together with flyer and banner printing showing off characters and images from favourite online games like League of Legends, Dota, Overwatch, and Fortnite – will announce Melbourne’s hosting of the first Melbourne eSport Open in September.

Set during the bye week prior to the AFL finals series, the first week of September will surely attract elite eSports gamers from all over the globe and gaming aficionados from around the country to the Victorian capital. The event will be held at Melbourne & Olympic Parks.

eSports is an organised multiplayer video game competition based on online gaming platforms played on the internet. Most games are of the multiplayer online battle arena, first-person shooter, and real-time strategy genres. From small amateur tournaments, eSports has grown in popularity and is now a multibillion-dollar industry, with professional players competing in various events globally. Australian followers of the different eSports gaming platforms have more than doubled in the past two years.

Currently, the biggest eSports event in the Australian calendar the past two years has been the Sydney-based IEM CS:GO (Intel Extreme Masters Counter Strike: Global Offensive) tournament. Reported attendance was 7,500 per day with unique online viewers estimated at 13M. The 2018 IEM event prize pool was $310,000.

The Melbourne eSports Open hopes to surpass Sydney competition to become the biggest eSports gaming event in Australia. Melbourne is estimating live audience to surpass 10,000 daily in the hope of taking the title from Sydney as Australia’s eSports hotbed.

It takes place on September 1 and 2, with tickets available now.