Melbourne receives mixed report card

May 31, 2018 by  

An expert in global cities has outlined where Melbourne is doing well, and where it can improve.

Professor Greg Clark ranks cities according to their performance, with rankings assembled from a wide range of data. Professor Clark scored Melbourne at number 20 out of 100. It could have done even better, had its attractiveness to investment not been slightly affected by rising congestion and sluggish internet connectivity. Brochure printing from Melbourne can mention those areas where the city scores highly.

Melbourne ticks all the right boxes in some important ways; it cannot be faulted for its general lifestyle, and its overall brand remains positive. Regardless of possible internet issues, Melbourne is a hub for the knowledge economy. It contains universities which compete effectively on an international basis. Lots of tourists come to the city and the centre of Melbourne is appreciated widely.

The flaws which do affect Melbourne are shared by some of its Australian rivals, which diminishes their significance a little. Nevertheless, Professor Clark is a big fan of Vienna in Austria, and stated

“The key story here is not Melbourne against Sydney, I’m more concerned with how Australian cities are doing compared with the German cities, Scandinavian cities and others, that’s where I think the problems lie.”

The position of Melbourne could change quite easily. It would benefit if it became a more affordable location. It might also do better if its infrastructure was upgraded swiftly to meet the congestion challenge.