Melbourne residents relocate to Geelong

May 29, 2018 by  

Recent statistics show that large numbers of Melbourne residents have elected to live in Geelong.

The figures indicate that almost 7,000 individuals transferred from Melbourne to Geelong in one financial year. This migration away from the state capital was recorded by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Demand for stationery printers may increase in places with rising populations, and property prices can be affected by population flows.

Cameron Kusher is a researcher at CoreLogic, and explained the local trends to

“A significant number of those people that moved away from a capital city over the past financial year moved to an area adjacent to a capital city. Some of these are coastal/lifestyle markets, while also being locations where housing is more affordable.”

A recent CoreLogic report highlighted that house prices in Geelong were outperforming those within Melbourne. However, these numbers only covered the initial quarter of this year. Research analysts like Kusher understand that population movements are not driven by price alone, with Geelong also offering the attraction of high-quality links for commuters.
Experts suggest that the popularity of “lifestyle areas” like Geelong is on the up. At an auction, purchasers from Melbourne acquired some local properties. This process was enabled by Jeff Begg, an agent who works in western Geelong, who is clear that interest from Melbourne buyers is building.