Melbourne student accelerates her learning

February 25, 2013 by  

Tina Huang, a fifteen-year old student from Melbourne, has demonstrated the effectiveness of an accelerated learning programme.

The Select Entry Accelerated Learning programme (SEAL) is active in 36 Victorian state schools. The programme was started as a measure to attract gifted students to the public education system rather than have them move to private schools.

Students in the scheme, like Box Hill High School pupil Tina, start Year 8 studies a year early, and are able to finish high school studies in five years instead of six.

Tina’s parents moved to Australia in 1989, hoping to give their children a brighter future. Life in the Huang household was intense during Tina’s childhood as her parents operated a small takeaway food outlet in Elwood and the family lived in a small flat near the business. At the weekends, Tina’s parents travelled to Springvale to the Asian grocery stores in Springvale to buy cheap food.

At home, Tina studied maths while cleaning the house and caring for her little sister. Her parents tried several coaching academies in order to make the most of her intelligence. Academic coaches often advertise their services by publishing profiles on social networking sites or paying for flyer printing in order to recruit clients using shopping mall and library noticeboards.

Tina is in the debating team at Box Hill High School, and is also captain of her class. Imogen Melgaard, Tina’s teacher, explained how Tina’s intelligence was sometimes frightening, explaining that it was sometimes easy to forget how old she is.