Melbourne travel agency offers new business travel solution

August 6, 2012 by  

Pan Australian Travel (PAT), one of the best-known travel agencies in Melbourne, Victoria, launched Business Travel Management (BTM) – its new small business brand – on Friday.

The new brand was launched to provide the solutions available at some of the larger travel companies – while still offering its customers the level of service typically associated with smaller high-street travel agencies.

Jake Hower, industry expert and Managing Director of PAT, said on Friday:

“We're very excited to be launching Business Travel Management today. Having extensively analysed our own client base and constantly keeping a keen eye on the business travel market, we've identified a big gap in offerings for SME businesses. Realising that this is a market we service particularly well, it makes a lot of sense for us to move into this space with a dedicated offering."

Hower established BTM to provide entrepreneurs and SMEs from across Australia with access to a quality personalised service.

Travel agencies all over the country utilize professional poster printing when reaching out to customers and advertising the latest deals, giving both those travelling for leisure and those travelling for business access to the best possible deals.

The team operating at the new Business Travel Management works with customers in a number of ways. This includes the planning and booking of travel details, aiming to reduce levels of stress and save time for busy travelling professionals.

Pan Australian Travel has experience amounting to more than 50 years of working in the business travel management leisure travel industry.