Melbourne’s Music Cities Convention creates ideas

May 5, 2018 by  

The Music Cities Convention (MCC) in Melbourne has produced fresh ideas about music-related tourism.

Held in mid-April, the MCC lasted for two days. Debate focused on the development of music-based tourism, but the concept of night mayors was also discussed. Poster printing in Melbourne may be useful for confidence organisers.

Patrick Donovan works for Music Victoria, and told The Music Network:

“We’re keen to collect data on regional festivals, to help them get increased funding for aspects as marketing and facilities.”

Orlando in Florida has a night mayor at present. Dominique Greco Ryan has shared information with Melbourne-based movers and shakers about her role. Ryan explained how she has worked with venues, police, councillors and businesses to make things happen.

The basic idea of a night mayor is that security can be boosted. Clubs should not have to close at the same time, transportation for revellers can be improved, and diversity in the leisure sector may be enhanced. The hope is that nightlife can be vibrant, yet safe and appropriate for tourists.

Presentations from several cities added a lot of colour to the occasion. One delegate recommended that music cities should benefit from the extension of university education within their boundaries. Informed speakers from Amsterdam, Beijing, Bogota, Harare, and Hobart all participated in the event. Academics from Melbourne made clear that wider cultural policy is hugely important in determining the success of music cities.