Melbourne’s western suburbs could go green

March 21, 2018 by  

The western suburbs of Melbourne might accommodate parks and open space as they expand.

International experts suggest that families of the future will want healthy lifestyles, and the demand for very large houses in places like Essendon may fall as people learn to value green space more than they once did.

Architectural expert Neal Payton, a principal at Torti Gallas & Partners, told

“As we create walkable places, it is inevitable they will become denser with smaller homes, and more closely spaced buildings. These trends place greater importance in having larger community areas where we can play, relax, stroll and come together, on occasion, as a community.”

Research is underway in the suburb of Rockbank. The hope is that planning can be upgraded to take account of the findings. The work is looking at a range of factors that impact on health and happiness. Connecting residents is a key concern of the project.

Katie Ingram is a current resident of Western Melbourne. Speaking to, she said her family has been impressed by an adventure playground. The Woodlea Estate is blessed with parks and other areas might pick up on the best practice there.

Melbourne is due to host the national congress of the Urban Development Institute of Australia in April. Richard Wynne, the current minister for planning, is clear that parks are an essential part of growth areas.

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