Middle Swan classroom to transform into science lab

December 26, 2017 by  

A public primary school in Middle Swan, near Midland, is set to receive a new science laboratory.

The Middle Swan primary school is among the first 100 in Western Australia to be selected by the State Government to have one of its existing classrooms transformed into a new science lab.

Other schools will include Avonvale, Woodlupine, Swan View, Sawyers Valley and Clayton View primary schools.

In order to be considered for the new facilities, each school was required to identify an area within the premises that could be transformed for the purpose of a science laboratory, according to Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery.

In addition to the room in each school being converted, $25,000 will be provided for the purchase of equipment for the laboratory as well as resources such as 3D printing services, renewable energy kits, robotic kits, virtual reality headsets, digital microscopes and human anatomy and solar system models in 3D.

The $17 million State Government commitment, which includes $5m towards resources, will see classrooms in 200 primary schools transformed into science labs. Ellery stated:

“It is vital for today’s students to understand the concepts taught in science, technology, engineering and mathematics for their future job prospects.”

Ellery added that igniting WA children’s interest in the subject of science to whet their appetite for further studies as they move into secondary school was a primary aim.