Milperra may gain from Metro-West project

June 2, 2018 by  

The economy of Milperra could benefit from the Metro-West train initiative.

The Metro-West train scheme should improve the link between Sydney’s core and Parramatta. The upcoming state budget is likely to see more spending on infrastructure, and businesses in the western suburbs, like Milperra, may get a lift if the resources are allocated correctly. Local print shops and other businesses may see increased demand if congestion is tackled.

Geo-technical work on the project has already commenced. Ideas about the location of stations along the route have also been debated. This means that there are concrete plans for the construction of an important interchange.

Tom Gellibrand is the Project Director for the Sydney Metro and he has an excellent appreciation of planning. Gellibrand explained:

“Understanding the geology of Sydney is really important when you're digging tunnels.”

It is expected that the Metro-West will need a significant outlay of resources. Estimates have suggested that the implementation of the upgrade to the transport infrastructure could cost in the region of $20bn.

There has been debate with regard to the speed of the construction work. Andrew Constance, the Transport Minister, was told that it might be feasible to finish the project prior to 2025. However, this might not be practical and trying to accelerate the activity could leave other initiatives on the back burner.