Mitcham may gain from infrastructure improvements

April 4, 2018 by  

The revival of the East West Link (EWL) might result in an economic boost for Mitcham.

The EWL is a toll road that could be built within the next five years. Infrastructure Australia currently considers a rail upgrade to be less of a priority, but different government levels are in agreement that rail should be part of the solution to congestion. Demand for stationery printers may increase if transport issues are addressed.

The case for the EWL is an interesting one; the annual cost of congestion in the absence of the link is likely to grow, but some aspects of the business case are slightly controversial. Despite this fact, the determination to make progress with the scheme is evident, and Mitcham could gain as a result. Canberra is poised to invest $3m in the state-led initiative, while Matthew Guy MP is on board with the proposals. He said:

“With Melbourne the fastest growing city in Australia, never has the East West Link been more needed.”

Phillip Davies is the chief executive of Infrastructure Australia. He is adamant that party politics are not having any influence on the decision-making of the advisory body.

The West Gate Tunnel (WGT) is already under construction. The impact of the completed WGT on traffic levels has not been assessed with precision, according to Davies. A recent report has suggested that the rail network of Melbourne must be extended further.