Mobile food makes a comeback

April 12, 2013 by  

In an era when vintage has become fashionable, it is no surprise the humble food-truck is back on the streets.

Darra residents could be next in line to savour the taste of mobile delights in the great outdoors. Fashions come around, and it seems Brisbane vendors are ready to re-join the trend which has already begun in Melbourne.

City Hall is also getting involved, offering the rights to sell from mobile food wagons at city locations and major parks, including Seventeen Mile Rocks.

The trial program will encourage vendors to provide a menu of food and drinks for immediate use, including hot and cold drinks, snacks and healthy foods. Success of the venture may also lead to provision of food and drinks at festivals and special events around the city.

A stipulation will be to operate at a distance from competing food establishments, as well as complying with council’s strict licensing laws. Mobile food sales are required to meet the same standards as regular bricks-and-mortar eateries.

A successful mobile food van can be a great way to get established in the culinary world as there is something simple and personal about it. Vendors often develop a real friendship with loyal customers who tend to bring their friends along to sample the fare.

Competition amongst potential vendors is certain to be intense. Pre-planning is key, and Darra print companies can provide attractive signage, banner printing and menus; all of which are certain to give the winning edge.