Modern yoga studio established in Geelong

May 2, 2018 by  

The brand new Wonder Yoga is off to a flying start in Geelong.

The Wonder Yoga business has been going well in the first few weeks of its operation, with tge fit-out of the premises taking several months. The building is located within the centre of Geelong. Letterheads can help startups in the local area. Richard and Sally Ferris are the owners of the enterprise, and Sally explained the rationale behind her yoga brand to the Geelong Advertiser:

“It always left me with a sense of wonder; a sense of wonder in my own ability; a sense of wonder in the greater world; a sense of wonder in that you can find stillness; and a sense of wonder in that we are all connected. Wonder is a gateway…from where you are to where you want to be.”

Folk Architects designed the setting for Wonder Yoga, and finding a suitable location in the core city proved a challenge, with concerns that some of the proposed buildings were either too big or too small. Wonder Yoga occupies a space once used by the third sector.

The yoga studio has some innovative features. A modern ventilation system was imported all the way from Ireland, and the heating panels use infra-red technology.

Sally still teaches classes, and hopes that the quality of the yoga teaching will determine the success of the firm.