More international students at West Sydney University

April 24, 2017 by  

West Sydney University (WSU) has already taken in 750 extra international students this year, and the influx is such that West Sydney suburbs may have to accommodate a lot more people.

Printing services within Milperra could receive a boost as the local population of young people increases. Statistics gathered by the administration of New South Wales indicate that Sydney could attract thousands of students after last year witnessed a record performance.

Reza Alam, a Bangladeshi student at WSU who studies accountancy, stated:

“When I talk to the other international students we all have one thing in common — that we love this country. Many say they would like to stay here, it’s really tough for me, with working and travelling and school, but it’s manageable.”

According to The Daily Telegraph, being a student in Australia is often less expensive than within the USA, and the same is usually true of Canada.

The education sector in Australia is a major source of economic growth. Niall Blair, a minister with responsibility for trade, revealed that he was unsurprised by the scale of the rise in students from abroad. Further, he indicated that billions of dollars flow into the Australian economy from this source. Blair has plans to develop the sector further by creating an even more suitable regional environment for international students.